Our Proprietary Medical-Grade Fabric

Our mask is made of our unique medical-grade fabric on the exterior. Originally designed for hospital scrubs, it is made from Polyrayon with Silver Treatment and Teflon finishing. 

The chemicals used for our fabric is from Sanitized® - Swiss antimicrobial expertise since 1935. 😷
Find out more about the chemical: https://www.sanitized.com/category/blog/…

The Teflon finishing is from Dupont, Teflon EcoElite™. 💧
Find out more: https://www.teflon.com/…/textile-finishes/how-ecoelite-works

Our mask is NOT a replacement / alternative for surgical mask and N95 mask.
Medical fabric used is indeed certified.

Our mask aims to serve as a better alternative to reusable fabric mask present in current market. 


The functionality of the outer mask fabric will decrease gradually during the first 100 washes under normal washing conditions.


Add in any filter you like whenever you like!
This is optional, hence do whatever that makes you feel safest. 




Only available for V2.1

This allows for easy replacement of nose wire whenever required. Do feel free to swap them into a wire of your choice. 


A mask that is adaptable and convenient. Personalisation made possible.